Red Nectar

Just like nectar is the raw form of honey, you are an incomplete story written every day. Celebrate your rawness with this elegant necklace. Its matte-finished stones and dramatic design will surely keep you in the limelight, always.

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Each OPA piece is individually hand crafted in India, by the finest artisans using embroidery techniques passed from generation to generation. The brand stands behind the quality of their products. Although we provide the finest quality pieces, they must be handled with care and delicacy.

  • You should avoid contact with hard and abrasive surfaces.
  • We highly recommend that you wipe down your pieces with a lint-free cloth after each wear.
  • We suggest this because, chemicals found in common substances such as hairspray, cosmetics, perfumes, and lotions can permanently damage your pieces.
  • We also suggest storing them in a soft pouch or a safe box.