Art lies at the center of every aspect that India is a part of, and Opa is an attempt to compliment that art. At Opa, all our accessories are delicately hand embroidered especially for a personality like “You” It is a style statement deep within, that represents the soul of India. We are inspired by the vibrant and magnanimous nature, Opa is nothing but a part of you that wants to express, talk to the outer world with an attitude. This isn’t the ritualistic mundane daily attitude, this attitude would give you the rush, a rush that you pump up your adrenaline.

Every Opa piece is meticulously crafted by artists who are experts at their trade, their roots are from the beautiful states of India. These are the craftsmen who have woven pearls, crystals in fine threads, given shape to metals and most importantly made that effort to create the unique spirit that magnifies your personality. Every journey that we undertake to create an Opa piece gives us the delight of a lifetime, Opa is a tribute to the art and craftsmanship of India, an attribute that has transformed India into an enigma of perfection and makes the appeal of India grow by every passing moment.

Opa is for the woman of today, one who is relentless. She is the Global Woman, one who is conducive to every circumstance in life, one who sets the trend and one who blends in with the ambience. Opa is created by intermingling the best of both worlds, the old and the neo. Our contemporary collection is inspired by a mix of Indian art and the cultural influences from across the world, they come together as a riot of colours on a canvas thus the possibility of finding a rare masterpiece which represents multiple cultures is at an all-time high at Opa.